Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Bunny Foo Foo

I haven't gone thrifting in such a long time, mainly because with life and school and work, it's hard to gather up the energy to spend a whole day thrifting (is this what adulthood is like?  Blech).  I like to dream about it, but on the days I'm free, I end up just staying home and watching chick flicks or cleaning my room.  Can't you tell that I live a very exciting life?  How has Lifetime not made a Made for TV movie about me yet?  I really don't know.

Anyway, today I managed to hit up a few thrift stores with my twin bro, who is down for 3 weeks on break from UC Berkeley.  I found a few very cool things:

Red leather flats (Easy Spirit, so you know they are waaaaaay comfy!) and a very chic navy and white polka dot sleeveless blouse.  As I was picking it out, my bro happened to be standing behind me, and he smartly commented, "You have so much of that already.  Remember in high school?  You wore that one navy and polka dot dress like every day."  But I mean, as much as he is a smartass, he's no liar.  Because he's right.  He speaks the truth.  But how could I possibly resist?  Anyhow, I have grand plans for this blouse (blouse is such a fancy word, I love it): I intend on replacing all of its "normal" buttons with pearl snaps to glam it up even more.

Now let's talk about sweatshirts.  I love them, but only because sweatshirt is the DIY lover's dream material.  Cut it however way you like and it does not fray.  Hence what I did to my Truly Madly Deeply bunny sweatshirt.  I picked it off the Urban Outfitter's sale rack, only to take it home and realize that someone had completely stretched out the shoulders.  I even washed it to see if it would pop back into its original form, but alas, there was no remedy.  So I did what any determined gal would do -- I took my scissors to it.  I had to salvage this thing, it had BUNNIES!

I love it more now than how I bought it, originally.  I even rounded out the bottoms so give it a little more quirk.  So here's to you, sweatshirts!  Thank you for making our lives easy and the DIY possibilities endless!

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  1. that rabbit sweatshirt is too cute :3 did it have sleeves too?